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See you at Health & Wellbeing at Work in March 2024

Health & Wellbeing at Work Birmingham 2024

Come and see us at the Health & Wellbeing at Work event in Birmingham NEC on 12th & 13th March.

Healthier working environments with the ASYS dBELL dust, fume and noise monitoring system

It’s easy to take health and safety for granted, yet it is a vital component of industry that ensures both us and the people around us stay safe whilst at work.  Promoting a safe, healthy and productive workplace environment not only protects your most valuable asset and is also known to increase productivity.

The ASYS dBELL continuous monitoring system, comprises a comprehensive range of scalable tools designed to make the task of demonstrating compliance easier.

  1. Helps build a baseline signature of workplace noise and airborne hazards.
  2. Supports assessing and validation of mitigation strategies.
  3. Provides ongoing monitoring with periodic automated reporting.

To arrange to see us at the event you can contact us here