ASYS dBELL 100 IAQ and Noise Monitoring System

Compliance made easy with ASYS dBELL 100 Indoor Air Quality and Noise measurement systems.

Excessive airborne contaminants and noise can present a significant health & safety risk to your employees. A system for monitoring and reporting worker exposure is crucial to facilitating regulatory compliance and maintaining the health and wellbeing of your greatest asset – your people. Additionally, numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between employee wellbeing and productivity.   The ASYS dBELL IAQ and Noise measurement system is easy to deploy and delivers automated reporting of critical IAQ and noise metrics, facilitating an ongoing assessment of compliance status.

Deploying an ASYS dBELL100 continuous measurement system provides the Health & Safety professional with a comprehensive baseline picture of Air Quality and Noise in the workplace. Connecting dBELL series IIoT devices, designed for personal exposure dosemetry, handheld measurement or remote deployment, make flexible tools for conducting effective workplace environmental studies.

The ASYS dBELL 100 integrated gateway and area monitor contains noise, particle and volatile organic (tvoc) sensors for general workspace monitoring in addition to communicating with dBELL series devices. The ASYS dBELL 108 (noise) & dBELL 110 (IAQ) IIoT Multi-tools can be  deployed as personal exposure dosemeters, handheld instruments or remote monitors.

The ASYS dBELL system provides full data management and connectivity to the ASYS cloud server which automatically generates periodic reports summarising the status of the working environment in a simple easy to read format.  Reports are perfect for your Health & Safety records as well as presentation to regulatory bodies such as health and safety assessors and inspectors.

The ASYS dBELL 100 Indoor Air Quality and Noise measurement system is a flexible, scalable solution facilitating…

  • A safe, healthy and productive workplace environment today – everyday.
  • Compliance to standards and regulatory guidelines
  • Flexible tools for workplace environmental studies and assessment of airborne-hazard mitigation strategies


Complies with EN 61672-1 and the requirements of HSE L108


Displayed Noise Metrics

LAF A-weighted sound level (dBA)

LAeq A-weighted equivalent continuous sound level

​LCPeak C-weighted, peak sound level


Displayed Particle Measurements

Particle Mass Concentration

PM 2.5

PM 2.5 TWA,8h

PM 2.5 Peak


Displayed TVOC Measurements

TVOC ppm



Noise Standards

IEC 61672 Class2

ANSI S1.4 Type 2


Noise sensor

Linear Operating Range 55-130dB(A)

Peak Range 140dB(C)

Range Deviation +/- 0.5 dB

Freq Weighting A,C

Time Weighting F (125ms),  S (1000ms)

Particle sensor

Sensitivity 0.3µm

Range 40 µm

Flow rate 5 LPM

Calibration NIST Traceable


TVOC sensor

Minimum detection limit  20 ppb

Range >200ppm

Response time <8 sec

10.6 eV lamp

Lamp life 10,000 hours

Removable, pneumatically sealed sensing electrode stack



Case material Painted Aluminium/ABS

IP Rating IP31

Display 7 inch

Dimensions 170x140x75mm

Weight 1.5kg

Mounting options Wall/DIN rail

Network Communications

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/

Remote devices LoRaWAN®



Temperature Storage -20 to 60C

Operating -10 to 50 C

Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing