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The Asensetek Lighting Passport Spectrometer, designed for use with a smart device such as a tablet or smart phone, isolates the actual optical instrument from the computational number-crunching and user interface. When combined with a wide range of industry specific apps, a full suite of lighting parameters can be measured, stored and shared with a few key strokes.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

The Asensetek Lighting Passport Spectrometer for commercial lighting professionals

  • Precise, rapid illuminance
  • Full suite of colour analysis tools
  • Latest tools Flicker, TM-30-15 and many more!

The Asensetek Lighting Passport is a powerful full-featured spectrometer. The actual measuring instrument itself is lightweight and compact making it highly portable while all the computational and display work is done by a SMART APP running on an iOS or Android device. The instruments' measurement range and accuracy are best-in-class, certified and NIST traceable.

Commercial lighting professionals choose the Lighting Passport PRO Spectrometer with Spectrum Genius Mobile App (SGM) for measuring and analysing light and colour.  SGM provides a user friendly user interface allowing easy measurement and analysis of a broad array of lighting and colour metrics.

Film and Television

Use the Asensetek Lighting Passport Spectrometer for fast, accurate selection and adjustment of film and studio lighting

  • Reduce time to set studio lighting
  • Minimise post-processing
  • Comply with Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)

The TLCI was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional CRI measurement techniques because cameras interpret light differently to how the human eye perceives it. The TLCI provides more accurate prediction of the colour rendering characteristics of film and studio lighting when used in different scenes providing the colourist with critical correction advice.

The Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS) App also provides several other useful parameters such as CRI, CQS and CCT.



Use the Asensetek Lighting Passport Spectrometer to make more intelligent plant growth management decisions to improve efficiency and quality

  • "Understand" the real needs of plants
  • Choose the most effective growth lamps
  • Combine growth and lighting data over time
  • Analyse trends and establish standards by plant type
  • Optimise time to flower, shoot:root ratio

The Asensetek Lighting Passport spectrometer, when combined with the Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting App (SGAL) provides the horticultural industry with a professional tool for assessing, selecting and monitoring growth lamps.

More powerfully, integrating lighting data with plant growth characteristics and analysing the effectiveness of the light source at different wavelengths, allows horticulturists to optimise lighting for efficient, healthier plant growth to better guarantee a better environment for the health and growth of the plants.