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Deploying the ASYS dBELL 100 continuous measurement system provides the Health & Safety professional with a comprehensive baseline picture of Noise and Air Quality in the workplace. Connecting ASYS dBELL series IIoT devices, designed for personal exposure dosemetry, handheld measurement or remote deployment, provide flexible tools for conducting effective workplace environmental studies.

Armed with quality data, it is then possible to deploy effective noise and airborne-hazard mitigation strategies. Ongoing continuous area monitoring can then highlight unexpected shifts in baseline conditions or unusual trends during work and process.

  • ASYS dBELL 100: 24/7 area monitoring of workplace dust, fume and noise:  Calibrated, traceable, reliable sensor technologies combined with the power of the cloud.
  • Facility-tailored workshift status reports: charts, alerts and action limits presented clearly.
  • ASYS dBELL 108 (noise) & dBELL 110 (IAQ) IIoT Multi-tools: Deploy these devices as personal exposure dosemeters, handheld instruments or remote monitors.  All part of the ASYS dBELL IIoT ecosystem.
  • Easy to set up and configure: Simply mount the integrated dBELL 100 area monitor & gateway, create an ASYS Cloud account, Download the dBELL App.
  • UK based service, calibration and technical support.