ASYS dBELL 110 IAQ Monitor

A flexible tool for conducting airborne hazard studies and assessing mitigation strategies, the ASYS dBELL 110 IIoT Multi-tool can be deployed as a personal exposure dosemeter, a handheld instrument or a remote monitor compatible with the ASYS dBELL IIoT ecosystem.

At the heart of the dBELL 110 are calibrated, traceable PID and Optical Particle sensors capable of measuring TVOC and PM parameters required for workplace air quality and personal exposure assessments, TVOC(ppm), PM2.5, PM4 (respirable) and PM10.

Usage modes:

  • Personal exposure dosemeter: Shoulder mounted for general exposure or task specific assessments where airborne hazards are likely, for example welding, machining, degreasing, cleaning etc.
  • Handheld instrument: Conducting spot checks around the workplace environment.
  • Remote monitor: For longer term process studies.

The dBELL 110 automatically connects to the ASYS dBELL 100 IIoT integrated gateway and area monitor via LoRaWAN®, a sub-g wireless technology ideally suited for long range and minimal power consumption.


Displayed IAQ Metrics


Particle Mass Concentration

  • PM 2.5
  • PM 2.5 TWA,8h
  • PM 2.5 Peak


Total Volatile Organic Compounds

  • TVOC ppm
  • TVOC 8h




Particle sensor

Sensitivity 0.3μm

Range 40μm

Calibration NIST Traceable

TVOC sensor

Minimum detection limit 20ppb

Range >200ppm

Response time <8 sec

10.6 eV l amp

Lamp life 10,000 hours

Removable,  pneumatically sealed sensing electrode stack


Case material ABS

IP Rating IP65

Display 28x15mm

Dimensions 90x150x24mm

Weight XXXg

Network connection

Wireless LoRaWAN® 433MHz

Encryption 128-bit AES


Temperature Storage -20 to 60 C

Operating-10 to 50 C

Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing