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Transmission App Manual

1. TURNING ON LP AND LAUNCHING SGS                                                                                                                           >

Spectrum Genius Transmittance Instruction

01) First of all, you need a “Lighting Passport”
(Show on Lighting Passport PRO.)

02) Turn on the power of Lighting Passport
(Show on Lighting Passport PRO.)

Power button is on the leftside of the dongle.

Please make sure the blue light on the back is on

03) Start to use “Spectrum Genius Transmittance App”

Touch the icon to implement APP.

04) Main menu

①Settings: Basic setup

②Record(s): Saving Data

③Knowledge: Proper Noun Explanation

④Help: Operation Manual & Contact Us

⑤Measure: Measure the Transmittance of DUT (device under test)

05) Connect to the dongle

Use “Bluetooth Pairing” in the settings menu and connect to the dongle.

06) ID setting

You can set user (tester) and manufacturer(of the luminaire) in this page. And it will be the default after you make it.

You can also add and delete item by your self.

07) Wavelength Range

You can add/delete new wavelength range, choose the items you want to filter and make the upper/lower limit.

08) Precision Mode (Pro Only)

You can turn on / off precision mode in this page to enhance the measurement repeatability and accuracy and increase the measuring time.

09) Clean Device Cache

You can tap it to see your device cache and slide your finger on the device cache you want to delete.

10) Start Measure

Make sure the cover of device is OPEN before measurement.

Please follow the steps to measure the original light source at first.

Put the DUT (device under test) between the light source and the Lighting Passport, then measure again.

11) Measure Result (1)

●The black vertical line means the chosen wavelength range.
●The spectrum that has red rim means original light source.
●The black curve means the spectrum of reduction of light.

You can also touch the "Original Spectrum" button to check the original light source.

Or touch the "Reduction Spectrum" button to check the spectrum which passes through the test device.

11) Measure Result (2)

In second page, you can check the test device at different wave transmittance values.

You can move the "Slider" to check the transmittance value at different wave.

You can also use the "Rotary Wheel" to select the different wave.

11) Measure Result (3)

In third page, you can check all transmittance information of the test device.

12) Save data

You can push the save button in result page to the save data page

①Take/choose the picture of the tested luminaire

②Input name

③Select the manufacturer and user

④Type the Note

⑤Save Data

13) Record(s)

Select record you want to check

Select two or three records to compare.

Send the result to others.

14) Knowledge

You can check some basic knowledge of proper noun.

[New] 15) Social Media Integration

Report choose: Tap “Record(s) to see the report you want to send.

Tap “Send” to open share list.

You can choose Email, WeChat, Twitter, FB, FB Messenger, Line and Whatsapp to share you measurement data.

◆ Email:

P.S. Please set-up your e-mail account first.

◆ WeChat:

Choose “one” picture and tap “Post to WeChat” button to share.

◆ Twitter:

Choose “one” picture and tap “Post to Twitter” button to share.

◆ Others:

◆ Choose FB、FB Messenger、Line or Whatsapp.

Choose “multiple” pictures and tap “Others” button.

Choose the APP you want to use.

16) Purchase

You can purchase advanced function here.

Tap the price button twice to process purchasing.