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LP Standard Pro

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Ideal for Lighting designers, consultants and manufacturers seeking a certified and NIST traceable hand held spectrometer.

  • Lighting Passport Spectrometer
  • Clipper for SMART devices (Android and iOS)
  • Stand
  • Charging adapter + cable
  • Firm-shell product protective case
  • Software CD and Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration and Warranty certificates
  • Illuminance
  • CRI (Re, Ra)
  • TM-30-15
  • CIE 1931
  • Flicker (index, %, Freq.)
  • Continuous measurement

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The Asensetek Lighting Passport. A professional lighting spectrometer
• Precise, rapid illuminance
• Full suite of colour analysis tools including CCT, CRI, R1-R15
• Latest tools: Flicker (Index, %, Hz), TM-30-15
The Asensetek Lighting Passport is a powerful full-featured spectrometer. The actual measuring instrument itself is lightweight and compact making it highly portable while all the computational and display work is done by a SMART APP running on an IOS or Android device. The instruments’ measurement range and accuracy are best-in-class, certified and NIST traceable.
Commercial lighting professionals choose the Lighting Passport PRO with Spectrum Genius Mobile App for measuring and analysing light and colour. Spectrum Genius Mobile provides a user friendly UI allowing easy measurement and analysis of a broad array of lighting and colour metrics.


Specifications – Std. Pro

Iluminance: lux (Minimum Measurable) 5
Illuminance Range: lux (With Reliable Chromaticity) 50 – 50000
Illuminance Accuracy (@ 1000 lux) +/-3%
Chromaticity Accuracy: x,y (@ 1000 lux) +/- 0.002
Chromaticity Repeatability: x,y <0.001(<0.0005 in precision mode)
Wavelength Range: nm 380~780
Resolution: nm 8
CCT Accuracy (@ 1000 lux) +/-2%
Flicker precision range 200 – 50000 lux
Flicker frequncy range 5 – 200 Hz
Flicker accuracy +/- 5%
Weight 79 g
Dimensions 68.5 x 17 x 56 mm

Measurements – Std. Pro

CCT – Correlated Colour Temperature
TM-30-15 – IES Method for Evaluating Colour Rendition
CRI (Re) – Colour Rendering
CRI (Ra) – Colour Rendering
CQS – Colour Quality Scale (NIST)
lux – Illuminance
Foot Candle
CIE 1931 – Chromaticity Coordinate
CIE 1976 – Chromaticity Coordinate
C78.37 7-2008
IEC-SDCM – Standard Deviation of Colour Matching
λp – Peak Wavelength
λD – Dominant Wavelength
Pe – Purity
Duv – Colour shift based on the CIE 1960 u-v coordinates
SP Ratio – Scotopic:Photopic Ratio
PPFD – Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density
TLCI (QA) – Television Lighting Consistency Index (European Broadcasting Union)
GAI – Gamut Area Index
Flicker Index
Flicker %
Flicker Frequency

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