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Flicker meter – Fauser LiFli

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The Fauser light flicker meter is a useful troubleshooting tool for quickly identifying and sourcing flicker problems within office, educational, residential healthcare and retail environments.

  • Fauser LiFli Flicker meter
  • UK 240V Micro-USB-charger
  • Handy measuring device for quick assessment of light sources
  • Acoustic reproduction of the flicker in audible range and from 20 khz..400 khz
  • Powerful speaker for excellent audio representation of flicker problems
  • Display of flicker component in the range 0…100 %
  • Multi-coloured bar display showing flicker percent
  • Spectral sensitivity resembling that of the human eye
  • Records flickers from the range between 50 hz up to 400 khz
  • Voltage output for analysis of measurement signal using oscilloscope or spectrum


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Percent flicker is a relative measure of the cyclic variation in the amplitude of a light source. Almost all forms of electric lighting exhibit flicker to some degree. Poor design in LED drivers and inappropriate choice of dimming controls are among the culprits. When evaluating lighting products sample or conducting site audits, a suitable flicker meter provides the assurances required.

The Fauser LiFli enables fast evaluation of flicker. The flicker meter audio output function produces an acoustic reproduction of the flicker which increases with flicker percentage. An LED bar graph provides an accompanying visual indication of flicker percentage.

The LiFi flicker meter is especially suited to LED light sources which can exhibit flicker in the full range of 0% to 100%

The Fauser LiFli has a signal output port for connection to an oscilloscope or spectrum analyser.

Light Flicker Meter -LiFli – Specifications

Frequency range 50 Hz ~ 400 kHz
Spectral range (λ0,5) 420 ~ 675 nm
Bar display 18 LED
Calculation type ripple content % or flicker%
Measuring range 2 % ~ 100 %
Resolution 2 %, 5 %, 10 % depending on the flicker component
Power supply Lithium ion battery
Dimensions 117 x 80 x 32 mm
Ambient temperature 0 ~ +40°C
Humidity range 10 ~ 70 % (non-condensing)

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