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ASYS dBELL 108 Noise Dosemeter

The ASYS base unit contains integral noise and air particles sensors for general workspace monitoring in addition to communicating with personal noise dosimeters. The system provides full data management and connectivity to the ASYS cloud server which automatically generates periodic reports summarising the status of the working environment in a simple easy to read format. Reports are perfect for your health and safety records as well as presentation to regulatory bodies such as health and safety assessors and inspectors.

Specifications – ASYS dBELL 108

Noise Standards

IEC 61252

ANSI S1.25

Noise Measurements

Linear Operating Range 55-140dB(A)

Peak Range 90-140dB(C)

Freq Weighting A,C,Z

Time Weighting F (125ms), S (1000ms)


Case material ABS

IP Rating IP65

Display 28x15mm

Dimensions 90x150x24mm

Weight 117g

Network connection

Wireless LoRaWAN® 433MHz

Encryption 128-bit AES



Storage -20 to 60C

Operating -10 to 50 C

Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

Measurements – ASYS dBELL 108

Displayed Noise Metrics

LAeq    A-weighted, equivalent continuous sound level

LCPeak C-weighted, peak sound level

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