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Transmittance: A convenient App for measuring a material’s transmittance

Spectrum Genius Transmittance provides users with friendly UI and content-rich information critical to applications such as optics, lens, panels, filters, membranes etc. where the transmittance of a material required to be analysed.  Reported metrics include: – Measurement Capability Visible Light Spectrum Visible Light Transmittance (every 5 nm) Visible Light Average Transmittance Visible Light Photopic Transmittance […]

Background Light Subtraction – Eliminate background light when taking a measurement with the Lighting Passport Spectrometer

With the Asensetek Lighting Passport’s background subtraction feature, making light measurements from specific light source in a room is easy To take an initial background measurement, simply turn off the light source of interest and select the centre  icon in the Spectrum Genius Mobile APP.  Then turn the light source to be measured back on […]

Light measurement made easy

In this short video, we will Introduce the Asensetek Lighting Passport Spectrometer which designed for light measurement using a smart device such as a tablet or smart phone. The Lighting Passport can measure a broad range of lighting parameters including lux, colour temperature and many colour rendering metrics including the latest TM-30-15 standard Sharing results […]

Why is flicker important – how is it measured?

The Asensetek Lighting Passport is a full specification lighting spectrometer capable of a wide variety of photometric measurements, including Flicker Index, Percent and Frequency What is Flicker? Almost all forms of electric lighting exhibit flicker to some degree.  Poor design in LED drivers and inappropriate choice of dimming controls are among the culprits.  Flicker is […]

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