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The Lighting Passport horticultural lighting spectrometer is a professional tool for evaluating, selecting, and monitoring grow lights to produce indoor plants with higher efficiency. Use SGAL with your Lighting Passport Spectrometer to record and share valuable data, make rational decisions, and track history. With our spectrometer, you will improve your growing efficiency and make your decisions on the reliable readings from our state-of-the-art invention-SGAL.

Your All in One LED Grow light Spectrometer solution


LED Grow light analysis requires not only a PAR meter, but a lux meter, a spectrometer, DLI meter, one or two meters for R/ IR, R/ B just to get a complete data set for developers to spend more time analysing, comparing, determining the perfect grow light. What a waste of time! With the Lighting Passport horticultural lighting spectrometer all you need is one device.

Recommended LED Grow Ligh Spectrometer for plant growth optimisation

  • Smart Diary on Plant Growth
    • hortOne
    • Lighting Passport horticultural spectrometer “diary mode” function records light source information and plant growth daily or weekly. Use this information to analyse and efficiently manage your horticultural business. Lighting Passport and SGAL software provide reliable readings that can help improve your decision making process.
  • Quick Measurement & Data Analysis
    • hortTwo
    • Single Mode allows you to take quick measurements
    • Multiple Mode allows you to take measurements on a series of LED Grow light sources for comparison and analysis.
    • Comparison Mode then allows you to distinguish the differences between two LED Grow grow light sources.
    • You can see both the original spectrum and the weighted spectrum at one time
    • PPFD, YPFD, Efficiency(%), R/B, R/IR, DLI, CCT, Illuminance (lx), λp (nm)…
  • Import Reference Data
    • hortthree
    • Users can import their own plant growth spectral data to the reference library of the SGAL App. The imported spectral data will be shown on the reference menu.
  • SGAL Reference Generator
    • hortGraph
    • The SGAL Reference Generator is a spreadsheet macro. You can import your own plant growth PAR data to this reference library of the SGAL App via this tool.
  • Provide Accurate Information
    • hortFour
    • “Ref. Spectrum” helps users to understand the true spectral needs of various plants, analyses if the light source is suitable, and further adjusts the light source accordingly.
    • hortFive
    • “Weighted Spectrum” on the other hand, helps users to analyse/ monitor the effectiveness of the light source at different wavelengths, to guarantee a more effective light source and a better environment for the health and growth of the plants.